7-Year-Old Girl With Down Syndrome Inspires The World With Her Message Of Encouragement


Sofia Sanchez is a seven-year-old girl that is making her mark in this big world, despite having Down Syndrome. In this video, her mom is asking her a series of questions about Down Syndrome to raise awareness of the disease. She is a beautiful little girl who is full of intelligence and wit. She has become a model, working to end stereotypes and open doors for others with the disorder.

This sweet little girl’s biological mother abandoned her and she lived for a year in an orphanage in the Ukraine until her parents came along and adopted her. As Sofia says in the video, there is nothing she can’t do! You can tell she truly believes that statement and is setting out to prove it is true! You will love seeing this sweet video! You do not want to miss a minute of this inspirational little girl speaking to the world. After you have been encouraged, Please SHARE on Facebook.