5th Grade Son of A Fallen Soldier Hears His Dad Read to Him for the First Time


Shane Kielion, Jr., a young, nearly 11 year-old 5th grade boy, never knew his father. It’s what happens to a lot of children when their dad’s give up their lives fighting for their country. It just so happens, however, that this young man’s father, a brave marine, died by a sniper’s bullet in Fallujah just 30 minutes before his son was born. A life was lost and a new one began, all within the same hour, on the same day. But this video isn’t about being sad, it’s about how much joy you can experience when you get a chance to really see a piece of life you missed.
This video details what Shane’s father and his mother, April, did just before his dad was deployed. Had wanted her newborn son to know his dad’s voice when he returned, so together they recorded Shane’s father reading three children’s books aloud. One of them even included an explanation of what a hero was: a brave and courageous person.

While April waiting to show this to her son, she did it at just the right time. Shane, Jr. had looked through a lot of photo albums over the years, and had heard a lot of positive stories from his grandfather, but hearing his dad’s voice and seeing him on tape helped him to connect in a whole new way – especially since he started playing football, just like his dad did.

This is a touching video that will warm your heart and make you grateful for all the loved ones you have in your life. Shane is a brave young man, just like his father. Please SHARE this video in Facebook.

Liisa Lee