The mother justified this approach as a more cost-effective alternative to renting an external apartment, where expenses would likely exceed $100 a month. Additionally, she emphasized that her daughter wouldn’t have to cover other costs such as car payments, insurance, or her cell phone bill, as the $100 encompassed rent, utilities, and groceries.

NPR reported that rental costs are steadily increasing, with the median listed rent recently surpassing $2,000 for the first time. Location significantly influences living expenses, with urban areas generally being more expensive. Even previously considered affordable places are now appearing out of reach for many prospective tenants.

Reactions to the TikTok video varied. Some individuals remained critical of the mother’s parenting approach, while others believed it could provide valuable lessons in the long run. One person commented, “I’m not criticizing, but teaching kids about budgeting and investment is crucial. I understand the $100 to instill responsibility, but $100 may not be realistic.” Another suggested, “What if you take that $100 and save it for her? When she eventually moves out, she’ll have funds to cover all the expenses associated with renting.”

A third user shared their own method, stating, “With my children, I did charge them rent, but I saved it, and when they moved out, I returned it to them.”

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