Yum, What Could be Better Than a Video For a Recipe with Bacon, Beef, Cheese and bbq Sauce?


If you’re an avid meat-lover, this video is definitely for you. Vegetarians, vegans or fans of actual Japanese sushi made from seafood need not apply.

The video is called “BBQ Bacon Sushi-COOK with ME.AT and it involves plenty of bacon, ground beef, swiss cheese, crumbled Doritos, crumbled French fried onions, bbq seasoning and bbq sauce.

It looks pretty yummy if your heart can take it.

The video gives full step-by-step instructions on preparing this dish, which could work well as an appetizer or as a meal.

Add a healthy helping of veggies and you could have a not quite so un-heart-healthy meal that would please even the most carnivorous man.

The dish in this video is served with bbq sauce for dipping and pickled jalapenos for that extra kick. All in all it sounds like a lot of fun, so try it at your next party!

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