Woman Loses Her ID And One Year Later It Mysteriously Shows Up In The Mail


This is one of the craziest news stories you have ever seen! The woman in this video lost her ID about a year ago and never knew what happened to it. She had pretty much given up hope on it ever being found after it had not shown up almost a year later. One day, she got a strange letter in the mail with a thank you card and what was inside was quite shocking.

It seems someone had found her ID on the floor of a bar and had been using it because they were not of legal age to drink. The note said, “Now that I’ve turned 21, you can have it back!” The woman said no harm was done and she is not upset at the person who used her identity. She is, however, quite curious about this mysterious stranger and would like to learn who she is. Check out this video and be sure to Please SHARE on Facebook.