You Will Love the Taste of This Decadent Snickers Candy Bar Cake – Perfect For Any Occassion


This video will amaze you, especially if you are a candy bar lover and enjoy the taste of a Snickers bar now and again. Jen from Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio always has unique ideas to share but this one takes the cake! All you will need for this unique creation is a baked chocolate and vanilla cake (one of each flavor), caramel sauce, peanuts, vanilla buttercream icing, and Snickers bars. You will also need white and chocolate ganaches.

The instructions in this video are truly simple to follow. You will even amaze yourself at your ability to create a beautiful masterpiece cake that will stun your family and friends. This cake is perfect for just about any holiday or celebration and will be a welcome centerpiece at your next gathering! As you watch this video, your sweet tooth is bound to go into overdrive. After you have learned how to make this truly gorgeous cake, Please SHARE on Facebook with all your baker friends!

Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio