Wife Passes Away And Leaves Behind Christmas Gift That Touches Her Husband Two Years Later!


This video is going to be a tearjerker so do be prepared with tissues. When a woman was dying of ovarian cancer, she drew up a letter two months before her death. She instructed a friend to keep it and not to mail it to the radio station until her husband had found a new wife. When the radio station surprised this deceased woman’s husband, everyone was in tears!

The woman wanted to make sure her husband’s new wife felt loved and appreciated. She gave her the gift of pampering. She wanted the family to have an unbelievable trip where they could all spend time together and enjoy one another’s company. You will not be able to keep the tears out of your eyes when you hear this letter being read. It is sure to deeply touch your heart! This video is about true love and what it really means! Enjoy and Please SHARE on Facebook.

CBS This Morning

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