Watch the Official Trailer of Alive Inside – A Film Meant to Raise Alzheimer’s Awareness


In this official video trailer, you will get to watch scenes from the 2014 movie titled, Alive Inside. This film showcases a group of Alzheimer’s patients and how they respond as they are exposed to music. One particular patient had lain in the bed for two years with no response. When they gave her an iPod and allowed her to begin listening to music, she suddenly came alive again, moving her feet and head to the music.

As this film shows, there is something very healing about music! Music can bring back memories nothing else can. Music can take a person back to a moment and stimulate parts of their brain other forms of outside stimuli cannot. This touching video shows people with Alzheimer’s still have a spark inside – they are still alive! When you finish watching this extraordinary trailer, don’t forget to Please SHARE on Facebook so others can learn about this moving film.

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