Watch This Beautiful Release of Dozens of Wild Mustangs on the Montgomery Creek Ranch


This video showcases a beautiful scene where over one-hundred wild mustang horses are released back into the ranch where they can run free as nature intended. After a hoof trim, the mustangs were growing restless being confined in one area. In this video, you will see the gates being opened as these beautiful creatures begin to run at full speed into the vast fields that await them. The rhythm of the herd running in unison is mesmerizing!

There is nothing more beautiful or peaceful than to watch these majestic creatures being released into the land they love to roam. No longer cooped up, they are finally free to do what they love to do best. If you are a horse lover, this beautiful scene will be sure to make you smile. Montgomery Creek Ranch works to protect these horses so they do not become extinct in the wild. Check out this video and Please SHARE on Facebook with everyone you know!

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