Watch a 90-Year Old Woman Strut her Moves


There are many videos which show individuals carrying out wild and wonderful stunts but in this video the stunt is performed by a 90-year-old woman who is celebrating her 90th birthday. The video begins with the old woman and then quickly moves into a set of dance routines that she does with a selection of different individuals.

The video continues for several minutes and the dancing does not stop. The 90 Year old woman continues to strut her moves with a variety of different dances. Once this breathtaking performance has finished she then celebrates her birthday with a wide range of individuals as they take photos of her and celebrate her energy and charisma. This is a great video and will inspire individuals both old and young who want to dance and enjoy life. To watch the video and enjoy the dancing moves, click the following link. If you enjoyed the video SHARE it on Facebook with your friends and family.

Anthony Mak