Waiting till the very last minute


On the blind audition of The Voice Kids in 2012 there was tons of anticipation and waiting for one little girl named Jesse who was up on stage playing the guitar and singing at the same time. She is singing the song “I’m Yours” and is doing a pretty good job of it, yet the judges can’t seem to decide if they want to turn their chairs around or not.

In fact, the judges keep talking amongst themselves trying to figure out if they should turn their chairs around, even at one point all looking to get direction from one judge in particular. And it still takes until close to the end of the show before the lady judge finally turns her chair around. You can see the emotion and the anticipation on the faces of her family backstage while they look on to this little girl playing and singing and yet nobody is turning around. You can only imagine what the little girl is feeling while she is up on the stage and pouring her heart into the song.

Yet after the long wait and playing her best she was picked and chosen to go to the next round of auditions and competition. Jessie might become a common household name in the future so be on the lookout for her. If you like this video, please SHARE on Facebook.