Video Of Man Pretending To Marry Young Girl, And The Public’s Reaction


This video will get you thinking, as you watch how the public reacts when a prank is pulled on them involving an older man and a young girl pretending to be married. You might find it interesting to see how many people protest this. No one believes that the young girl should be with the man, and yet this is legal in many states. The video is there to prove a point, and you will find every second of it to interest you. It is a good thing to see how many people stand up for the young girl, and you may or may not be surprised by that.

Watch the video right away and see all that is going on in it and just how this is pulled off. Once you are through watching it, please go ahead and make sure that all of your friends can see it, too, by sharing the video on Facebook.

Coby Persin

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