Two Troubled Dogs Become Best Friends

Golden Retriever, Tanner, had a tough start in life. Born blind and with a condition which causes seizures he was very dependent on his owner who died a year after Tanner was born. With the stress of losing his owner Tanner’s seizure condition worsened. He ened up in a clinic experiencing almost nightly seizures, already timid and panicky due to his blindness it didn’t seem like tanner had much hope of a future.

One day a new dog arrived at the clinic called Blair. Blair was a street dog who was very timid after having been shot. When Blair met Tanner they formed a close friendship that amazed everyone at the clinic. Not only do the two dogs love spending time together but Blair seems to understand Tanner’s blindness and guides him carefully around the yard with a special lead. Since meeting Blair Tanner has not had any seizures. Blair has benefited too, becoming less shy and friendlier.

The inseparable pair are ready to move on to the next stage of their story, a new family to adopt them both together. SHARE this heart warming story of Tanner and Blair on facebook.


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