Two Brave College Girls Help Rescue Some Dogs From the Horrors of the Highway


Many people are aware of the problems involving dogs and road accidents, but dogs can wind up dead alongside highways for all sorts of reasons. This video is full of very terrifying and graphic images of dead dogs that are rotting alongside the highway. The circumstances surrounding their deaths are somewhat mysterious, but the fact that these circumstances are so poorly understood still doesn’t make the images any less horrifying. If anything, it makes the situation scarier.

The girls in the video address the camera directly several times, sharing their thoughts. They manage to rescue some of the dogs that are still alive, saving them from the same fate that their canine friends have experienced. The video has a bittersweet ending of sorts, and it’s a video that manages to raise awareness. Still, nothing is going to change what happened to the dogs. People on Facebook would find this video disturbing but necessary.

World Animal Awareness Society

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