Teen Hero Nearly Loses His Life While Preventing His Friend From Being Hit By A Drunk Driver


When two friends were walking down the side of the road, a screeching noise suddenly caught their attention. When the boy realized there was a truck swerving and heading right for them, he did the only thing he could think of. He pushed his friend out of the way of the truck, effectively saving her life! When the truck hit the boy, he flew over the hood and flipped several times before hitting the road. Although he nearly lost his life, he does not regret his actions. This video is truly the story of a hero!

While most people would consider this young man a hero, he does not think he deserves that title. His friend says she owes her life to him and will always consider him her best friend! This amazing young man was willing to lay down his life for his friend. Check out this amazing video and Please SHARE on Facebook.

Fizzy Elf

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