Swans Ask Humans for Help After Getting Tangled Up


When we think of silly accidents or foolish acts of clumsiness, we often can’t imagine anyone engaging in such an inadvertent practice outside of the human population. As you are about to see in the following video; however, common sense can sometimes fail all creatures, even the likes of swans. In the video, we see two swans who are tangled up in one another, though how they got themselves into such a state is largely unknown.

What’s interesting here isn’t the tangled up swans or how they became tangled in the first place, but how they actually react to the incident. While the vast majority of wild animals are very aware that straying too close to humans is usually a bad idea, common sense fails these two animals again as they actually ask humans for help. A couple of people sitting by the river manage to untangle the swans after they swim over in their time of need.

Maurice W. Evans