It is a warm sunny afternoon and you have no classes. So you decide to go read an edition of your favorite magazine under a shade. At the very bench you sit is a girl filling a crossword puzzle. She is very beautiful, leaving you in awe so you try to strike a conversation.

You comment on how good the weather is but, your bad, she has headphones on and she seems very engrossed in what she is doing. Either the music is too loud or she literally decided to ignore you. But no, you don’t get discouraged easily, so you try again. You tap her gently, “Can I borrow your pen”. She points to her ears indicating that she can’t hear what you are saying and you point to her pen. Without even pausing her music, she hands you her pen, which clearly you did not need, and after you are done she finishes her puzzle and leaves.

The following day, at the same time, you go back to the same spot hoping that this mysterious girl would show up. Just when you are about to give up, guess what, she does show up! Yeahhh, Some happy dance!! You strike up a written conversation, and though she does not give you her number, she promises to see you at the same place the following day.
This meeting happens for a number of days and within no time you start dating. Love has no language. The chemistry just happens and when it does, let it!