Super Simple Washing Solution for Whitening Yellowed Pillows


Have you ever looked at your pillow outside of the pillow case and saw it had become yellowed and stained? Most people tend to throw their pillows out when they reach this stage of staining but there is a way they can be washed and whitened so the stains are gone and the pillow looks perfectly new again. With this video, Jillee takes us through the steps that are needed to renew those yellowed pillows easily.

In this video, Jillee teaches you how to make the whitening solution and what method you will need to use to carefully wash your pillows in a top loading machine. The steps are super easy to follow and the results are astounding! Experts recommend this is done at least twice a year to keep pillows clean and free of germs. After watching this video, you will know exactly how to care for your pillows so you are no longer wasting money. Check it out and Please SHARE on Facebook.