Solemn “Taps” Performance Honors Fallen Soldiers in Parade


There is nothing like the playing of “Taps” to stir your heart and make you really think about all those soldiers who have paid the ultimate price so you could enjoy the freedoms you do today. This video shows the solemn performance of “Taps” as it was played before the Veterans Center Memorial Day Parade, held in Washington, D.C. When you hear the soulful cry of the trumpet, the tears will begin to flow as you think about the brave men and women who truly gave their all for our great country!

This is the kind of celebration that needs to be experienced on Memorial Day instead of the countless barbecues we stuff ourselves full with. Memorial Day is not the start of summer, it is a time to remember those who died so we could be a free nation. To honor those who have died serving their country, Please SHARE on Facebook!