Shelter Worker Takes Him Home For 1 Night. His Response When Returned Has Everyone In Tears


The entire animal shelter staff knows Juice the dog to be cuddly and loving, so they were surprised to see him so depressed. It had been a long 10 months for Juice without any hope of adoption. His typical fun-loving attitude merited him the nickname the “Giant-headed goofball,” yet without a home and a family, he started to become depressed. Days rolled by and he became a little less goofy, and a little more unhappy. When one staff member noticed his depression, they decided to take him for a one-night vacation for a time of refreshment away from the animal shelter. Seeing him sitting there all alone, they figured a sleepover would be a lot of fun.

Juice loved being in a real home, but coming back the next day to the animal shelter was harder than ever. The sadness became very apparent when he wouldn’t stop weeping and wandering around in his room. One of the staff members recorded a video of him throughout the day in hopes that someone, somewhere would see just how in need of love he really is so that he could find a new home.