Red Crabs Turn The La Jolla Beachfront Into A Mass Of Crimson!

While it does not happen every year, the La Jolla red crab invasion is something that is difficult to forget! When millions of tiny red sea creatures are found everywhere, they turn wade pools into red pools. While people refer to these creatures as crabs, they are actually a species of lobster. Scientists believe the El Nino weather effect is what brings them so close to shore in the La Jolla area. This informative video tells you all you need to know about these brightly-colored creatures.

It is amazing to see how they tuck their tales just like a lobster does. These creatures are related to the Squat Lobster for that very reason. The Pelagic Red Crab is basically harmless and simply causes a spectacle on the La Jolla beaches from time to time. Those who get to witness this phenomenon are amazed at what they see as millions of these tiny crabs ascend on the beaches. Watch this informative video and Please SHARE on Facebook.

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