A quick and Easy Pie Recipe


If you happen to love a fresh fruit pie, and cherries are one of your favorites than this is the pie recipe for you. This video shows a young couple that loves to cook in the kitchen. Turn up your volume when you are watching the video so you can hear the ladies voice as she tells you what to do in each step. While she broadly covers each step, there is a link at the bottom that will go over the entire recipe in all the measurements and steps that are needed. However, this video makes a great visual for those that like to see it done and how it should turn out.

Her name is Joann and she speaks in a very clear voice as she goes over each step from stemming the cherries to pulling the pie out of the oven. Just from the looks of everything it could be a little time consuming to get everything ready, but the taste of it is well worth it.

This is no commercial pie but rather a homemade and from scratch recipe that is easy to master when you are used to it. If you liked this video than, please SHARE on Facebook for all your friends and family to see as well.

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