Pup Enjoys Showing Off His Head Balancing Skills To The World


This doggone cute dog is gonna bring a smile to your day, even if it has been a bit gloomy! Harlso the hound loves showing off so he can make people smile and this is one of his favorite tricks. As you watch him in the video, you will see he is balancing three containers of Lucky Charms cereal on his head. By the look on his face, he is a little nervous about them falling down!

This little sweetie is one adorable dog and he is amazing to watch. He loves performing tricks and needs to start his on act so he can go to Hollywood and be famous. He is already setting the Internet ablaze with his sweet actions. You will absolutely adore watching him in this short video! Little Harlso has the biggest eyes and you can tell exactly what he is thinking just by looking at him. Enjoy and make sure to Please SHARE on Facebook.