Guy Proposes With Puppy, His Girlfriend Neraly Has Heart Attack


Do you imagine getting a puppy and an engagement ring … all at the same time? These is undoubtedly the big dream of many women, and for Eli Greenberg, those dreams came true.

Her boyfriend took her to the shelter to pick a dog, and Eli was so enthusiastic about the little puppy that she simply forgot about everything happening around her.

She did not even dream that her boyfriend, Josh Taller, had another wonderful surprise in his plan. When Ellie was playing with the dog, Josh went to his knees infront her, pulled the engagement ring out of his pocket and asked her if she wants to become his wife.

At that moment, Eli cried, and the salesman said that she will most likely have a heart attack.

Until today, the video has reached 4 million views only on the Youtube network, and Eli will never forget this moment in her life.

See what a shock it was for her when her boyfriend made two wonderful surprises at once!

Source: klipland