A Pomeranian Sneezing in a Particularly Adorable Manner


Pomeranian dogs were specifically bred to be as cute as possible, and they certainly succeed in that regard. Watching them do nearly anything is going to be cute, because the action will be performed by such an adorable creature. This video seems to prove that once and for all, because it is literally a short video of a Pomeranian puppy sneezing. Still, it is one of the most adorable and entertaining things that people will manage to watch all day.

The puppy does sneeze in a very energetic manner. Many pet owners will have dogs for years without watching them sneeze in quite the same way. It seems that Pomeranian dogs are capable of sneezing in a particularly entertaining way, which is one of their many talents. People all over Facebook would probably want to watch this video over and over again, even while they were supposed to be working or doing housework.