Police Officer And Pig Mascot Have An Epic Dance-Off


This Kingston police officer is showing off his dance moves in an epic dance-off between himself and the legendary dancing pig mascot. They are working to raise money for children with cancer, by having a twenty-four-our dance-off. When you see these two in action in this video, you will not believe how talented they are. It appears the cop is the winner because he has the smoothest of the moves!

There is no stopping this cop and the suave dance moves he has! It is amazing to see him bring it to the streets for a good cause. Although the pig mascot tries to keep up, he simply does not have what it takes to keep up with this guy! Maybe he can watch for awhile and pick up a few moves he can use with the ladies on the dance floor. This was all done in fun and is a cool video to watch. Check it out and make sure to Please SHARE on Facebook.

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