Pink Shuts Down Entire Concert When She Sees A Little Girl Crying


Pink is always a mom at heart, even when she is on the big stage, surrounded by screaming fans. When she was performing at a recent concert, she saw in the audience a little girl crying. It upset her so much, she stopped her performance and wanted to know what was wrong. In this video, you will fall in love with Pink because of her kind heart! She truly is a compassionate and real person and is not afraid to show it.

When she finds out the little girl was scared because of people fighting, she asks everyone to stop and then she proceeds to give the little girl a stuffed animal and a rice krispy treat. Pink says rice krispy treats make everything better. Thankfully, Pink is concerned about all of her fans, no matter their ages! Watch this amazing video and Please SHARE on Facebook so others can see what kind of woman Pink truly is!