A Penguin’s Touching Long-Term Friendship With an Elderly Man in Brazil


Penguins are often thought of as being birds that people will never see on land, especially not in a warm place like Brazil. People also often don’t think of penguins as approachable. The penguin in this video will defy their expectations either way. The penguin’s friendship with an elderly Brazilian man makes it clear that the friendship has brightened both of their lives.

The elderly gentleman first encountered the penguin after the poor creature was covered in oil and pollution. He helped the penguin and gave it food and shelter, thus cementing the friendship that has managed to persist into the present day.

While the penguin does still leave for a while according to his own natural rhythms, he does always come back to visit his human friend. People should please SHARE this touching video on Facebook, since it is entertaining, and it shows an interesting side to nature in general.

Wall Street Journal

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