Owner Comes to Pick Up Dog From the Vet and Gets “The Look”!


Everyone knows their dog hates going to vet! We all struggle to take our pooches in for their checkups and we are often met with resistance. As you will see in this video, this dog is not very happy with his owner. As the owner comes up to break him out of “jail”, the dog gives him the most hilarious look you have ever seen! You will crack up in laughter as you see the look and how his eyes follow those of his owner.

This is one of those videos that just makes your day! We all know “that look” and have probably received it a time or two. The way this dog gives the look is just so hilarious you will not be able to look away! It is hilarious to see the reaction and you will likely find you want to watch it again and again just so you can see those eyes! Check it out and then Please SHARE on Facebook for others!


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