How one Dog got his Wiggle Back


This video tells the heart warming story of a lovely little dog called nik-nak who was abandoned by his owners. His life changed for the better when he was taken in by a foster owner and for the first time in his life was loved and cared for.

The video shows all the things nik-nak and his foster mum did together such as yoga, playing games and going for walks. When nik nak was ill he was well looked after and had to wear a head collar; all the local kids called him space dog and this name has stuck.

In the end nik-naks foster mum adopted him and they live together happily. It’s great to watch a video with such a happy ending and funny to see Nik-nak doing his wiggle. He also has a very waggy tail now that he’s found a forever home with a new, kinder owner. Please SHARE in Facebook

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