How An Octopus Eats Crab. The Action? Unbelievable!


When I first saw this clip, I was really surprised. It sounds illogical for an octopus to eat a crab. I just wonder what this octopus was thinking. Some other guys may consider this octopus stupid but I do not really know if that’s right. Anyway, we always know that a crab is dangerous to an octopus. But what we see in this clip is unbelievable. I just wonder how the octopus would crash the crab since it has a very hard coat. I just wish this two sea creatures would have stayed on the show for some time so that we could see what the outcome would be.

I have a feeling that the crab will eventually do some harm to the ignorant octopus. Maybe this was the first time for this octopus to hunt a crab. Someone may say that this octopus will learn from experience but this is one of the situations which does not require learning from the experience since the “learner” will be dead. What a daring octopus! What if this octopus managed to eat this crab?

Anyway, what is your opinion concerning this?

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