Music can Make You Come Alive


There is one constant in life and that is we will age no matter what we try to do. Eventually and before we know it we are in our golden age, or in a child’s perspective we are old. With so many elderly in nursing homes, hospice care and places where they are left doing nothing all day it makes you wonder how to breathe some new life into them.

This documentary titled Alive Inside takes you on a journey to see how music can not only impact those of our older generations, but help them feel more alive. By simply giving them a set of earphones and some music that they are familiar with these people will dance, cry, and live some of their lives over again. Even those that seem sickly and have not been out of bed in a long time, seem to dance in the bed as they hear some of their favorite music.

It goes to show you that music can touch the lives of every person, whether they are young or old. And even though medication can cure or help with certain issues of your health, music might lead to other cures that are more effective for the mind.