Mother And Her Young Daughter Were Found Dead In Swimming Pool!


This video tells the horrific story of a mother and her young daughter who were swimming in their apartment complex swimming pool when the unthinkable happened. No one knows what caused these two to drown but they were both found floating in the pool and unresponsive. The police believe these two may have been submerged under the water for at least an hour!

What a heartbreaking story this is! This poor mom and her daughter were simply there having a great time and no one is quite sure what could have possibly happened. The apartment complex residents are terribly shaken up by this event. What could have caused this to happen? It will break your heart to see the residents so distraught over this tragedy. This video serves as a reminder to always swim with others and keep a check on your family and friends. Watch this video and be sure to Please SHARE on Facebook.

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