Mother Finally Meets Her Son After 22 Years Only To Discover They Have Been Co-workers For 8 Months


After four years of searching for his birth mother, Chris Flaig finally managed to locate his mother and what he discovered came as a shock to both of them. The funny thing is, all this time Steve was misspelling his mother’s last name while the truth was just a second away but little did he know the big surprise that awaited him.

When Chris got the name right, he discovered that his mom was his co-worker; a cahier in the same company where he worked as a delivery guy. Wondering how to proceed with the information he had, Steve decided to wait it out until the perfect time to break the news to his mom.

It was not until recently, when the adoption agency called Christine Tallady, Steve’s birth mother and told her that one Steve Flaig was his son whom she gave up for adoption 22 years ago. After confirming the records with the manager, she finally met her son only to discover that they had been working together for 8 months and even joked around without suspecting a thing. It is an amazing reunion story that will definitely move you.
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