Mommy Dog Has an Absolutely Huge Litter of 19 Puppies!


This video is so sweet and it will stir your heart with its complete cuteness! The proud Mom in this video is none other than an African Boerboel named Bailey. When the parents of this cutie found out she had twenty pups growing inside of her, they knew she would need help in her delivery. During the C-section, all of the pups were delivered but one did not make it. When you see this video, you will not believe it! Seeing nineteen pups clinging to their Mom to eat is mind-blowing to witness!

This Mom is such a good one and immediately began nursing her sweet pups, even though she had recently been through major surgery to deliver them. Unfortunately, it looks as if the puppies will have to take turns on eating because there simply are not enough nipples to go around! If you think this furry mom is amazing, be sure to Please SHARE on Facebook.

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