Mesmeric Pendulum Waves Accompanied By Philip Glass Music


This mesmeric video shows the incredible potential of a pendulum wave. The set used here is from Harvard University.

The balls initially start still before being set off in a chain reaction. As they begin to swing, different waves and patterns are created. These patterns change at regular intervals, with no one pattern seeming to last for more than a few seconds. After one minute, the sequence of the waves restarts. The waves chaotic effect almost look hypnotic.

While the pendulum waves appear to be a work of magic, all of the movements are grounded in physics theory. A pendulum wave has 15 separated pendulums which move at different speeds – meaning the patterns quickly get jumbled. After 60 seconds, when all have completed an integral number of swings, the patterns restart.

To compliment the beauty of the waves, “The Secret Agent Ending” from the American composer Philip Glass is played. Glass, who is from Baltimore, is one of the most prominent composers of the late 20th century Please SHARE this video on Facebook.

Joseph Roberts