Man Tells His Pup That The Dog Treat Was Given To The Cat


Most pet owners would love the chance to get inside our furry loved one’s head and hear what they’re thinking. That’s exactly why this hilarious puppy dad decided to create his very own voice over – and it couldn’t be more hilarious! The man reveals that he ate all of the pup’s favorite food out of the fridge, and the following “conversation” is one for the ages!

Even though dogs can’t talk back to us, recent science suggests they really do know what we’re saying! The Washington Post explains, “Your dog gets you. I mean, he really gets you. No, really – he actually does. So say scientists in Hungary, who have published a groundbreaking study that found dogs understand both the meaning of words and the intonation used to speak them. Put simply: Even if you use a very excited tone of voice to tell the dog he’s going to the vet, he’ll probably see through you and be bummed about going.”