Man Is Miraculously Reunited With His Dead Wife’s Stolen Camera


This is a video that will make you smile but also has a ring of sadness to it. The man in the video lost his wife to cancer. She had found out she had the disease right before they married. His wife had a beloved camera that was full of snapshots of her funeral and celebration of life. When it was stolen, he thought it was gone forever. Little did he know, a miracle was in store and he would be reunited with the treasure of his wife’s memory!

Thankfully, the thieves were caught and they were in possession of many pawnshop receipts. When they found the camera to be stolen, they looked through the pictures and recognized one of the trees in a photo. They traced it back to a neighborhood and found the man who was so thrilled to have it back! What a truly amazing story to watch. If this video touched your heart, Please SHARE on Facebook.


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