Man Converts Gas Station Into An Amazing House


We know that people live in houses. But when one decides to buy a gas station and convert it into a house, this becomes an extraordinary case.
In this interesting video, Robert Guthire decided to buy Sinclair Gasoline, a gas station that is located 12 miles from France border.
When he bought the place, his son was still young and he thought that his father had gone crazy.
Determined to make it a good home, Robert made several improvements both inside and outside.
He placed nice chairs and other important facilities in the living room. He also made a modern kitchen inside the gas station. It has all cooking equipments, fridges and more.

His washroom is well furnished and contains everything that one may require. Its unique headlights make it look superb.
The building is divided into two: upstairs and downstairs.

In the exterior part, Robert Guthre has placed tiles on the roof which makes the building oustanding. In addition, he has planted flowers around the converted house. One may not believe that it was once a gas station. Please SHARE on Facebook

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