Love Is An Open Door” Performance Spread Love All Over That Wedding!


The little girl named Emma and her mother Mel are simply amazing and wonderful as the performers at her cousin Jen’s wedding. Their beautiful and heartfelt mother-daughter rendition of “Love Is An Open Door” did indeed spread the love all over the wedding. A wedding day is a very special and precious moment. This mother-daughter singing duo only made it all the more sweeter and more awesome a thing for the bride and her groom. They actually spread love throughout the entire reception and room! Bravo! If one had to use, just one word, as a tag for this very fantastic video of a wedding. This one word would have to be LOVE!! Spreading the love at a wedding is what makes it all the more loving and memorable a thing. Emma and her mother Mel nailed that and then some. They spread the love to the max and did it with their game on. This video is spot on and gets one right on the heart!

What makes this wedding video more than a video is very clear. It is little Emma and her mom Mel. They go all out with singing talent and lots of pure love/happiness for Cousin Jen’s wedding celebration. They are also obviously celebrating the fabulous moment along with her. A moment that will always be frozen in time, because not only for the video, but also because of their shining love and total happiness for Cousin Jen and her man (new husband). Everyone is radiating with joy, as well as, great love at this one of a kind wedding. A wedding that Emma and Mel only made all the more outstanding with their very lovely and talented mother-daughter singing team. The cup runneth over with love and talent at this wedding. Please share this video in Facebook with all you know. Let them share the “Love Is An Open Door” performance. They will be amazed, graced, and feel the love of family all the more!!

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