Little Girl’s Wishes Come True When She Meets A Mermaid!


A little girl was born at just 27 weeks. She spent the first year of her life in the hospital, but she fought hard to stay alive. Now Lauren is a bit older, but she still has to go back to the hospital quite often because of the condition that she has. She has been brave through everything, though, and she had just one wish that she wanted to be met. She wanted to meet a mermaid.
Since mermaids might exist it might seem impossible that the little girl would actually get to meet one, but, thanks to the help of a wonderful charity, the little girl was able to see her wish come true! Watch the video to see how the mermaid swam up to meet her and her family on the shore! This is a truly amazing and touching story of how a little girl’s wishes came true. Please SHARE this video on Facebook so everything else can see it, too!

Mermaid Linden