Little Girl Steals The Show As Her Mom Auditions For So You Think You Can Dance


The woman in this video is incredibly talented but has put her dance career on the back burner for many years so she could take care of her family. When she was finally faced with the opportunity to audition for So You Think You Can Dance, she knew this could be her big break. She worked hard for this moment and wanted her children and husband to be a part of things so they anxiously watched from the audience.

As you watch the video, you will soon see Nigel Lythgoe encouraging the two children to come forward on stage. As he learns little Bree, who is only two-years-old, wants to be a dancer, he asks her to go up on stage to perform. Although her mom did an outstanding job, little Bree quickly steals the judges’ hearts. After you watch this amazing video, Please SHARE on Facebook so your friends can enjoy it too.