A Little Girl Who Helped Rescue a Puppy is Reunited With That Puppy After They Were Separated


Animal rescue workers who save animals are often in a position in which they are going to have to say goodbye to the animals that they have bonded with, which can be a very difficult experience. This would be a particularly difficult experience for someone who is only seven years old. The little girl in this video seems to have developed a very strong attachment to the puppy that she helped, to the point that just talking about the dog is enough to bring her to tears.

On the show portrayed in this video clip, the little girl is reunited with the dog that she saved. Once again, the reunion manages to bring her to tears. The reunion came as a surprise to her, which only sweetened the experience. People should please SHARE this video on Facebook, since it is the sort of thing that might manage to bring tears to the audience members as well.

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