Lady Nadira Is the Most Beautiful Foal You Have Ever Seen!


This video shows one of the most beautiful foals you have ever placed your eyes on. As she prances about and plays, you will feel a big smile coming across your face. This special foal comes from a serious pair of performing horses. Lady Nadira will one day compete in Craig Cameron’s Extreme Cowboy Races just like her dam. Her owners expect she will become a parade horse just like her dam was in the 2010 Rose Parade. It is clear this horse is a special one and is destined for great things!

If you love horses, you will not want to miss out on this video that so beautifully showcases this gorgeous foal. As she plays about, you will be able to clearly see how full of joy this little one is. This is truly one of the most beautiful little foals you are likely to ever see so do not miss out on it! Please SHARE on Facebook so everyone can enjoy this beautiful creature!

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