The Kid Who Wants a Pony on Xmas and Gets One!


Kids have different wishes for Christmas. Some want a new gadget. Some want to meet their loved ones. Some want more money.

And then there is this little girl who is out there in the snow during Christmas, when her mother calls her in to the home to see is Santa has left her any present. She runs to the door and there lies a present basket from Santa in front of her. Her mom eagerly tells her to check what’s in it, and she finds Santa’s letter inside it. It’s adorable to see the little girl trying to read out Santa’s later and eventually her mom helps her read it.

And lo and behold! Santa seems to have left her a white little Pony! When her mom reads out the gift by Santa, her happiness knows no bounds. She opens the barn door to find the beautiful white pony inside and hugs it tightly.

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