Jennie Lena Beautifully Performs “All By Myself” on The Voice of Holland


Jennie Lena is an eighties gal that loves to perform the classic hits from that era. When she steps to the stage on The Voice Holland, it is clear to see she is ready to deliver the powerful vocals she always offers the judges and audience. She has full control of her voice from the moment she opens her mouth and it is amazing to hear! Singing, Eric Carmen’s “All By Myself”, Jennie is a thrill to watch throughout her performance and is a clear winner in the eyes of her fans.

When you watch this video performance, you will be thrilled at every high note she hits. There is no problem in being able to see this young lady has a natural level of talent that cannot be faked in any way. She is beautiful both inside and out and her voice matches perfectly with her demeanor. If you love this song and the way she sings it, Please SHARE on Facebook!