The Impossible That Happened


Cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases affecting people today. It has claimed the lives of many people including children. While it is true that there is no cure, this incident proves the opposite.
On July 4th 2007, Elisa and Michael welcomed two girls into their lives- Isabella and Medaline.

During a routine checkup, the pediatrician noticed that Madaline’s stomach was swollen. An ultrasound made the doctor to suspect that the poor girl had cancer. He therefore sent the girls’ parents to another local hospital for further checkup.
According to Michael, they felt the worse but they hoped and prayed for the best. Madaline was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in her abdomen.

The doctor advised that surgery would lead to further complications. He decided to use chemotherapy.
Because cancer had affected both twins;Madaline and Isabella, they had to be separated so that each receives treatment separately.

Later on, parents took the girls for another test to see if the chemotherapy had worked. Surprisingly, they discovered that the girls were free from cancer! They were healed completely.

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