The Humorous Possibilities of Lie Detectors


Lie detectors have been a source of comedy in many films before, especially when it comes to parents using lie detectors on their children. However, in this video, there’s a certain role reversal. Here, the kids are using the lie detector test on their mothers. There are several different families in the video that are presented in this manner.

The kids, most of whom are adult children, ask their mothers questions about their pasts that are often embarrassing and personal. The majority of moms in this video just answer the questions honestly, perhaps acknowledging that the odds are stacked against them. Most of the people involved are friendly about everything, which makes the video that much more entertaining to watch. Adding mean-spirited humor to the proceedings would have damaged the presentation. A lot of viewers have probably imagined doing something similar to their mothers, which only adds to the appeal. People all across Facebook would be laughing at this.

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