Group Plays Amazing Rendition of “Dancing Queen” With Nothing But Bells


The Old South Church in Boston is a unique church that will quite surprise you. As you watch this video of their bell ringers, you will be astounded! As they perform Dancing Queen, using only bells, the sound is something to behold! With each bell chime, you will want to get up and dance along with these energetic performers.

Most bell ringers typically perform more drab melodies that do not insight such interest so this will be a welcome surprise if you are expecting a boring performance! The flamboyant choir director has more energy than can be contained and the bell ringers are all a joy to watch! What better way to spend a moment than enjoying the delightful sounds of bells ringing to the disco hit by Abba! If you love disco, this is sure to be a video you will want to watch. Check it out and make sure to Please SHARE on Facebook so others can enjoy it!

Old South Church in Boston