Some Glimpses of an Orphanage and Some Discussions of How to Improve the Kids’ Living Conditions


This video manages to provide a very good look at the conditions in a Masumuna orphanage. It’s run by a dedicated Catholic nun who is still struggling in order to provide the children with everything that they need, including water. The viewers will get a sense of how the children live on a daily basis. It’s clear that the people in charge of the facility are dedicated to providing for their needs, but they are severely limited in terms of the resources that they have.

Fortunately, the people involved here are working on new ways to help everyone when it comes to the resource shortage. In particular, people are working on making sure that the kids have enough water, which is a scarce resource in the area. People should please SHARE this video on Facebook, since it helps to raise awareness about an important issue, and some viewers might want to contribute themselves.

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